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I have two questions, one far more important than the other, so here goes...

1) How far away are we from robo-assisted "personal care"?
2) Given the chance, would either of you augment (with current and newly developed equipment) yourselves, and if so: to what extent?

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It's more a case of exposure potential, rather than having dedicated metrics.

If you were going to burgle a house, your objectives are simple: quickly in, grab expensive stuff, quickly out.
Picking a lock takes a lot longer than using a rock; the longer you hang around the higher chance someone comes home or a nosy neighbour notices you. If you get noticed, then you stick out when the police say "See anything unusual around 2pm?"

If your intention is based around a 'higher' crime (espionage or home invasion, as examples) then you would likely be more on the lockpicking side, as they are less opportunistic crimes and the latter of the two in particular means there is at least one person present in your target building.

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If Scotland has a successful "Yes Campaign" outcome, what do you feel would be the knock-on effects?
In particular with regards to Northern Ireland, seeing as there is a reasonably short time of unionised (DUP and Sinn Fein) governance after 30 years (closer to 40) of "Troubles".

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Pretty sure there was a whole lot of stabbing and murdering going on before democracy.
Just now we have a centralised unit saying it's "us" vs "them".