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stop_runs52 karma

Given the high profile arrests and shutdown of the Silkroad, along with comments from Law Enforcement during the Senate hearings, does there even need to be any more regulation regarding bitcoin? During the Senate hearings and with the arrests, it seems that law enforcement can capably find and arrest any bad actors with the current laws and regulations already. IMO, adding any more regulations will just lead to innovation elsewhere.

stop_runs18 karma

I think that's how most of us began with Bitcoin. First with a lot of scepticism. Then, after the ramifications of this technology finally sink in, a period of realizing how disruptive and great this technology could be

stop_runs16 karma

Yup, or so people can't do address analyses and see where you are spending your bitcoins. The blockchain is like having your bank account balances out in the open. Tumblers do serve a legit purpose!