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stoneymcstone42014 karma

I was a little short on my car payment last month, and it took me a couple weeks to pay the rest off. Since the day after my payment was due I’ve been receiving dozens, and I mean dozens, of calls from all sorts of numbers. I ignored them at first, then eventually caved and picked up only to say “do not contact me again” and hung up. Then the numbers started changing, and the amount of calls increased, almost entirely from recorded voices talking about a life insurance policy, and other total bullshit. I blocked every number I could but they keep coming. Is it legal for my lender to give out my phone number to robocall scammers like that? It seems like that’s the only logical way I could have started being harassed immediately after being $60 short on a payment.

EDIT: forgot to mention, they also called my place of work and asked my boss if I was available, claiming to be from a local college that I never attended

stoneymcstone42012 karma

The first call from the original number immediately asked me to confirm my name and my social, which I refused to do before they told me who was calling, and they wouldn’t so I hung up. Googled the phone number, results said it was the car company. I don’t know how I would prove they were the ones giving my number to robocallers, but the scam calls didn’t happen until after a couple days of ignoring my car company.