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Thanks for doing this AMA!

First question: do any of you guys play Kerbal Space Program?

Secondly, in case you can answer, I'd like to ask a question about the MCT and shielding. Elon talked about it a while back and said that to avoid excess weight it might be possible to have water as shielding, only directly between the crew-module and the sun like a column, instead of an all-encompassing ball. How does this cater for dispersed radiation incoming from the sides?

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Well this is my Reddit moment of fame. Replies from SpaceX and Squad...

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They use a simulator to test the components, for all intents and purposes the computer thinks it's flying a rocket. See Elon Musk explain it more here.

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Velcro patches on the outside of your shorts? It's easy to do, uses existing technology and is backwards compatible.