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stixanstones22 karma

Way back when, my high school choir performed many of your pieces. My favorite will always be Lux Aurumque. Our conductor absolutely loved your work. He inspired us to look into your other works, and I just wonder if you enjoy going to concerts and listening to your work. Also, do you consider conductors who put their spin on a piece to be messing with it, or think that everyone puts their own spin and experience into a piece?

Thank you so much for your work! It's very much appreciated!

stixanstones3 karma

Thank you for all of your work, I love Google Docs.

Is there a way to archive different documents, similar to Gmail? I use Docs for many things, including creating invoices and quotes, as well as personal to-do lists. Having every single document in a long list gets pretty cumbersome, even if they do have different color codes/collections. It wouldn't remove them from "All items", just "Home".