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I'm confused. Aren't cilia the hair-looking extenders outside cells, or inside lungs?

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You've said already that you feel your father was right to kidnap you. Why do you think he didn't have the legal means to improve the custody arrangement and provide you a more social childhood?

The first article says you grew up first in France and your mother claimed your father wasn't present very often. Is that true?

What would you change about divorce and custody customs and laws to help another kid who winds up in your situation?

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Does the crime have a mens rea element? I feel like proving active intent to conceal would be very difficult with that kind of requirement. And of course, if it hasn't been done before there's no common knowledge of what kinds of evidence will prove the various elements.

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How much can fishing it affect the lionfish population? How much needs to be eaten to keep it in check?

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When I was growing up and still Catholic and the very first child abuse stories hit US media, we had a wonderful priest at the church my parents took me to who argued something similar in a Sunday sermon.