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Next month I will have to pay $600 just for insulin. This does not include the syringes, test strips, Drs visits, blood draws etc. Thow in the occasional other prescription and you experience the pain.

Just for insulin... I would loose my mind with happiness for a $10 copay.

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So cheap...

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White toilet seats black or white? Preference? Carpet color changes, good design or death trap hole of infinity?

I have been told that I would look better without pants on- what is your favorite sexual comment from a resident?

Lastly what is your favorite war story that you had the honor of hearing?

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Marshall McLuhan was a major driving force in how I came to understand media and its shaping of my culture and perception of life. (that and art studies in general)

I'm constantly trying to spread the word to young people, especially young mothers and women, to understand what media means to them and question the media targeting their interests (and most often pocket books) without making them paranoid. To allow then to act more in control through their awareness!

Maybe in context of my circumposition: Can you give some examples of "Media have embedded values and points of view."?

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While i know nothing about fixing our own fears, I know how we can help with the next generation.

My mother is DEATHLY afraid of spiders, insects, mice, toads, creepy crawlies and the like. But, she knew her fear was irrational and not grounded in reality. So while she would never bend down and touch or handle anything, she would say "Oh! kids! Look, go pet that toad. Oh look at the mouse! Go pick up that bug." She would bite back her fear and wanting to scream and tell us to explore.

To this day I am forever grateful for her bravery. I am the spider rescuer, lover of snakes, and insects. When I meet one I immediatly research it? I now have an awesome report with the neighbor hood carpenter bees and a best buddy that lives above my door- a beautiful grey no-web door spider of some sort (SUPER CUTE!) Comes inside during the day and hangs out outside during the night to catch insects.