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I went to Germany last year. After a month back, I literally dreamt of schnitzel. My first one was called jägerschnitzel, I think. That was so good. Then I kept buying different kinds.

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Oh, I think I get what you’re trying to say with some of your replies here. It’s that we can’t guarantee how the economy and your work is going to fare after this, but the only way to prepare for the future is to stay healthy while all of this is going on. Thanks for this. :)

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Oh, that makes sense. Food that will be good for when you’re drinking!

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That’s not a mistake. It’s a happy accident. 😊

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It’s assessing the dimensions that you perceive to be rich in your life. One can be rich in a certain dimension only, but not rich as a whole. So there can be an imbalance which makes the person’s richness not be maximized because not everything is as rich as the dimension that they perceive to be rich. So you may be rich through experiences, but the emotions brought about by them weren’t intense/rich enough. You may be rich in the amount of experiences, but not with the novelty of them (it’s the same thing over and over again). You may have new experiences, but none that you consider to be unique or personal for you. That’s just how I understood it though.