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Hey Patton, I love your work, and thanks for doing this.

In a couple pieces of aforementioned work, you've hinted at meeting Bill Hicks. I was just wondering if you had any notable encounters with him, and if you ever happened to open for him. Thanks in advance!

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Hey guys!

I'm headed back for my junior year of college tomorrow, and am working towards a Game Design major. However, a notable amount of people who were in my major have dropped out or switched majors, and have come back and started trashing the curriculum. They've also been attacking the idea of a college program for design, saying that it's a waste of money and doesn't help with getting into the industry.

I know they're just angry, and I have every intent to finish, but... They do have a habit of getting to me. Do you think that a college education in game design (as well as programming, art, etc) is still worth it? What would you want an ideal curriculum to focus on?