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I was raised Catholic and went to a private Catholic school for 9 years, and I feel like if I had not been taught about this religion every day I wouldn't have questioned it as much. Do you see any kind of correlation between people losing their faith or never really having it, and having gone to religious institutions for school?

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When did you start to feel like you were different? Also how did you go about picking your new name? Why did you pick that one?

I work with a FtM transgender person and he goes by TJ, short for Travis something. I want to ask why he picked that but I feel like I'd be an ass. I also thought it was sort of interesting that when I shaved my face, as I usually have a full beard, he was the only person to make a remark about my jawline. I assumed it was because as a trans person he probably spent a lot of time thinking and looking at masculine traits? Is that flawed thinking?

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Is there any kind of link to someone's personality and the type of food they enjoy or dislike most?

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Would you guys consider developing a similar game in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe?

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I know I'm late but as a chronic cluster headache suffer myself I feel foe you immensely. Mine started in 2005 when I was 14, I'm 22 now and have been headache free since 2010 when I began medicinal marijuana. I hope you can find relief.