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TIL I bought the wrong phone.

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Your show is endlessly entertaining.

I don't understand why Jackson Guitars hasn't made you a custom "Galaxy" guitar yet.

My fiancee swears that you shaved her cat in Grande Prairie, AB a number of years ago - is this something that could have happened or is she lying to me?

And how do I stop her cat from pissing all over my shoes? Think it's just because my shoes smell?

This is a picture of her being adorable.

Seriously, you rock. Hardcore.

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Do you... do you wanna play some Magic with me?

...pleeeaaaase? I'm not very good, I promise!

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Here's a question for you, actually - OP mentioned further down that she's asthmatic. Would that contribute to the risk similarly to how smoking contributes? Or is the decreased lung capacity/efficiency/etc. from smoking only a small portion of why it's a contributing factor?

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Don't know if they're the same in the States, but in Canada the Home Depot rental steam cleaners work really fucking well and cost a good bit less than the Rug Doctors that the grocery stores rent out.