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This is what makes or breaks a show in my opinion. You can have the best writers in the world, but if the actors don't "get it" it won't mean anything. That's what makes the greatest shows, like seinfeld and arrested development. You can't write stuff like the jambalaya dance. Or 90% of the stuff Michael Richards came up with. It's magical.

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And that's all it took, right? Please, I like mark Cuban as much as the next guy, but you don't make billions without a healthy dose of right place right time. It just doesn't happen. No offense to him, I'm sure he worked his butt off, but this society always heaps praise on the individual while marginalizing the people whose shoulders they stood on.

edit: I knew I would get downvotes, but one more thing to chew on: If all it takes is hard work, why are there so many people busting they ass and going nowhere?

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Fun fact for Gmail users. When you sign up for something, give your email as "[email protected]" (after the + can be anything you like). It will still go to your email address, and it allows you to effectively determine who has given your email address to third parties. In other words, if you get a piece of spam from someone you don't know with that email, you know that OK cupid has sold your email address.

Please note that some services don't allow you to have a + in your email, so YMMV

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Nude tayne? Now THAT I can get into!

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