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Absolutely. That's basically what I am trying to say.

I tend to think that there is something deeper at play than - the system disfavors blacks. Brad suggests this in his article, which I think is to his credit.

I'm wondering, what if its really a question of other, deeper, factors - and race is just the easiest one for us to pick up on.

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What do you think of the comedian Yakov Smirnov? Do you think he's funny? What do people in Russia think of him?

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I am an attorney in a semi-rural jurisdiction in a 'southern state' - I work as a public defender for indigent persons charged with crimes.

I've noticed this phenomenon for some time now. On most days when you show up for a criminal docket, nearly all (and many times all) of the defendants will be either African American or Hispanic.

Its clear that there is a disparity in arrests based on race.

That being said, I find it difficult to find any evidence that police are singling these people out solely on the basis of race. In my experience working with these people, it seems like lack of education, poverty / unemployment, and family dysfunction have more of an impact.

Are there studies out there that factor in things like unemployment / family dynamics / etc. - in addition to race? Or so far are people just looking at race alone?

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Do you feel that the targeting of manta rays in this manner is raysist?

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Why is NASA involved with a group like ISIS?