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He will probably be fired tomorrow morning.

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I do a stress test (exercise test) and MRI every two years and a EKG and echocardiogram every year.

I luckily have no scar although I have met people younger than me with the same condition that have a scar down their chest from open heart surgery, so I think the ballon valvuoplasty was new option in the late 80s.

I still go to the same Children’s Hospital although my original cardiologist has retired.

Best of luck.

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I was born with pulmonary stenosis and had a balloon valvuloplasty in 1988 (2 years old). How many surgeries did you have?

I have a yearly cardiology appointment and unfortunately I’ll probably need another surgery later in life.

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Yeah. I think there are different varieties but basically the blood leaks/flows not in the right direction which can cause strain on the heart.

You can see it pretty clearly on from the echo. Mine is with the pulmonary artery. I believe blood leaks back into the right ventricle.

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I lived in the Boston area for 7 years and went to Dr. Fred Wu at Boston Children’s Hospital (as a referral from my original hospital). I no longer go there since I moved.