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I've been wanting to do a formal interview for a while for the Tumblr pages I do. When I broke my foot at the Stone Pony last year I wanted to ask y'all stuff but Atlas was zonked out. So I will just throw a few here that I have asked on live feeds before.

  1. Is there any relation between "Mother Superior" and Trainspotting?

  2. Any relation between Hero/Villain from Translucid & "Island"?

  3. Did y'all ever get to drink the growlers of IPAs I had Manuel take upstairs at Echostage? The little one was for your birthday and the big one was for everyone else.

I've had more questions but always forget to write em down. Till next time.

Cheers C&C! ❤

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Small world! I was the one that sang along with your son lol

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In reply to this....I found out you shared the Boom! booth years ago with Jason / Stuntkid. He's my favorite living artist besides you two.....Jason and I are actually really good friends now and I own a few pieces of his work and he was in my art show 3 years ago.

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I whole heartedly agree on DC. Such a bummer.