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Hi Olga,

Do you believe synergy and dynamic self-starting will disrupt the gig-economy given the utilization in the sustainable human capital values ecosystem to break down silos?

P.S. LOVED your February article about Corporate buzzwords.

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Glad to see you, too, are fluent in MBA.

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I do agree, all of that will happen because our president has made a remarkably fact-based, convincing argument that massive fraudulent voting has occurred. I'm sure he will bring all of his perfect facts to these states' lower and higher courts, and, if they make it through state courts, will not only make it to the supreme court, but will be tried in his favor. And then when this occurs, those lawsuits will cause massive numbers of votes to change, changing the outcome of 4 states' electoral votes in a democracy, as our founding fathers planned and would want.

But it just sucks that 214 + 49 = 263. Shoot! So close.

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Okay so my landlord is a bird. And we signed a 1-year lease with him. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to break the lease after 4 months. Now, he claims he can get a lean on us for the remaining owed rent, but has failed to post the availability of the apartment anywhere, and it seems to us he is not making a reasonable attempt to fill the vacancy to avoid us having to pay this lean. What is our recourse, legally speaking? I don't know if it's relevant to the jurisprudence at all, but he's a Golden-crowned Thrush.

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Oh cool, so lead me through your math for victory.