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i like esquites, off the cob

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We make our own fresh masa every day, but we have the benefit of having a stone mill which is really key to making good masa - i wouldn't suggest making it at home unless you have a hand crank and even then, just for tamales. You could always try to see if anywhere around you has a stone mill. The taste and quality compared to maseca/masa harina is night and day.

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Cheese is too big of a category to pick "the best", but i tend to like the stronger, funkier stuff.

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i think it's really honest and soulful, you can almost feel the history in it. Even things that seem really simple have a lot of depth to them. I also really enjoy the different flavors and heat levels the different chilis bring, plus I'm a big fan of acid and like how they use lime to brighten a dish. It's also inherently gluten free for the most part, and as someone who can't eat gluten I appreciate being able to enjoy the real deal.

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Even when things evolve and change, they can still be authentic. I think it's very important to understand where our food comes from and the history and once we do, we can draw outside the lines with it.