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Hello and welcome!

  1. What changes were made to Mistaken for Strangers between Tom’s “failed screening” (as shown in the film) and the final product? What were your impressions of the film at the failed screening?

  2. The acoustic, sing-along rendition of Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks is often people's favourite moment of seeing The National live. When you were writing the album did you have it in mind as a song you would play during the encore? (given that it's the last track on the album)

  3. What is Cut London? (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers lists Matt and Bryce as writers)

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I went to Uganda a few years ago and saw two men walking along holding hands. I thought they were incredibly brave. Then I found out that it is the norm for two male friends to hold hands, without any implication of homosexuality. Probably the oddest culture shock I had over there.

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Yeah, weird because of the act itself, and also weird that it's with a colleague. I guess friendship is friendship, regardless of the context and the gesture is lovely.

I had the opposite experience - I'm female and was in Uganda with my male boss. He's like a father figure for me, always looking out for me, helping me clamber out of 4 x 4's with all my bags and checking if I'm ok. We were told to tone it down because people might misinterpret our actions (we were in Kasese and some of the more mountainous/rural areas around it, so perhaps why we had to tone it down).

Anyway, thanks for the AmA!