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'Brilliant White' felt like it had a certain Tom Sawyer charm that matched the simplicity of the premise.

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To my great shame, I have not watched the film in its entirety.

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Please disregard my earlier answer. This is obviously correct, and it would be presumptuous of me to discuss screening the film before I have permission from the board.

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Anyone who's seen Fight Club knows the appeal of the subliminal flash frame. BBFC examiners have definitely seen Fight Club (they censored it in 1999) so hopefully they're asking the same question you are and watching closely to make sure they catch anything untoward.

As for algorithms and the like, the BBFC has reserved 607 minutes in its screening schedule to show the entire film, so I trust that they're not going to defraud me and go to the pub instead.

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Harder than it sounds.