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How much did the unicycle cost? Did you have to invest in a top-end model that would be reliable enough to survive the entire journey? Did the model differ from what one might expect a clown/circus performer to be riding in a show? Did you have to change the tire from the one supplied at purchase?

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I'm always happy to see scientific data made openly available, but was the project approached by any commercial organisations for data collected from the project, or are we in such crazy realms of physics that it has limited market value/commercial application?

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Did QPR pick up any support in Korea for the year Park was with us? For the record while Park didn't leave here with many fans, a lot of us are very excited about Yun Suk-young, but we have very little info about his history. Is there anything particularly noteworthy, or is he just a decent, professional, speedy leftback?

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How bad is the transport and utility infrastructure in the country, and what, if any, effect does it have on the difficulties of imposing authority from Bangui over the rest of the country?