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Was the father never in the picture? Or did he leave because of your son's special needs?

You're a fantastic mother, and your son will have more opportunities because of your attitude and dedication. I wish you both all the best. Please tell your son that nice people from the internet say hi! and hope that he's having a great day.

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No, you're right, they are absolutely not the only two options. I apologize if my question was poorly worded or in any way offensive. I was curious as to the circumstances of the father not being in the picture, as people handle these situations differently, and while the mother has clearly risen to the occasion, I thought it entirely possible that the father was unable to do so.

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I did when I was a kid. It drove my mom nuts. Therefore, rice was the first thing I learned how to make, so I could have it when everyone else was having pasta.

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I understand this feeling exactly. I get daily headaches and migraines, and I can ignore them, to a point, but when I get asked if I'm in pain at the moment, I'll evaluate and I probably will be. Then I notice it and it hurts more than it had 5 minutes before!

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What was the hardest skating move for you to learn?