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what was it like being in school for a PhD in human sexuality? how did people at grad school react when they ask what you're studying and you say 'human sexuality.'?

did you have any specific career in mind when you chose to pursue a doctorate in human sexuality?

would you recommend doing post-grad in human sexuality to kids in college who are just floundering around, and who also have more than a passing interesting in human sexuality?

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Your piece on private prisons was great. Do you think that it affected the intended phase-out of private prisons for federal inmates?

What other ideas have you explored for investigative articles but ended up rejecting?

Do you think we're entering or are in a 'golden age' of long-form journalism?

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What led you to focus more on activism than on acting?

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Martha Plimpton! squee! you were always my celebrity crush. it's just exciting to say that.

what was it like working with John Waters?

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What do you think about Dwayne Johnson being named 'Sexiest Man Alive'?