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To support Standing Rock they can donate to our Clean Water Campaign to help us prepare for a oil spill and ensure water safety, and you can continue to reach out to your representatives and advocate for the rights of Standing Rock and other Tribes. There are other Tribes dealing with the same issues today like for example Navajo land has some pipeline issues.

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The way the system is set up, it's always set up against us as people and Tribes. From the very beginning our treaties have been broken, we've always upheld our end, but the other end hasn't been honored. It's not realistic to be positive for the future, we must be prepared for the government and companies to circumvent our joint agreement between two nations. As for there being a good place to build it, they could have explored other alternatives aside from the alternative north of Bismarck. The route north of Bismarck was denied because of fears of contaminating their water supply. So the question then arises why does our people's water supply matter less?

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Reaching out directly to the Tribe is your best bet, we'll message you with an email address! Thank you for thinking of us.

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I don't have that timeframe off the top of my head, it took several weeks to clean up the mess.

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First off they are not OUR protestors, people came from over the world to support us. We didn't have any say in those individuals who came and acted aggressively, from what I understand these are merely allegations, we don't know what happened. The Tribe has never once allowed, promoted any illegal activity or aggressive violent activity. The Tribe promoted peaceful and prayerful protest, that has always been the agenda of the Tribe, to move in peace.