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Have you ever seen or played the Harry Potter quidditch game?

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This is also my first gold. I liked MLWA academia a lot, the broom episode was especially good. And it reminded me of one of the training sequences (which were a bit different to the actual game lol) in the quidditch game. A broom flight simulator in VR would be bonkers, just imagine one of those seats that help simulate nose dives and all that neat stuff. Anyways that harry potter game was better than it had a right to be, it had at least 3 mechanics for stealing the ball that went to the rings, 3 mechanics for doing passes, and also scoring. It was a fun game, pretty well animated also. If it had come out in the competitive era of gaming it could have gotten at least some obscure tournaments I think. the only bad thing about it was that it didn't have a lot of real vertical movement, it just had the illusion of it. which was also kind of neat, because the animations and the scripts were so good that it seemed to have a lot more movement. I miss that game

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oh snap, that cross over needs to happen