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How was the wife treated? What was her reaction?

ssjAWSUM1 karma

Hi Julia, my girlfriend, and I followed your run, and we thought you handled yourself with great aplomb. My question's are as follows:

1) I believe your run was inspirational, because you often managed to make it impossible for others to catch up to you by FINAL JEOPARDY, was this intentional? As in, did you realize this strategy let you lock down your spot, and that became your goal as you played the 2 rounds?

2) Did you film your appearances straight through, or were you interrupted by a JEOPARDY Tournament of Champions block of filming? If so, how long did you have to wait to return?

3) We loved your necklaces, and my girlfriend and I used to talk on our way home: "Gotta get home to watch Julia!" "Yea, her and those necklaces are decimating the competition!". (Not a question, just had to say that.)

Thanks Julia, you have a big fan in me, and I can't wait to catch your return! I'm excited!