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I worked as a stripper for 10 years. Never felt burnt out from seeing naked women all night every night I worked. I think women are beautiful, all body types are sexy, it's very alluring to watch a woman strip on stage as it takes a lot of confidence to do it. I also love lingerie, it's all so sexy. Also I'm definitely straight but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think women are very attractive and nice to look at.

That being said, a lot of the male staff like bartenders, bouncers, etc would admit to being a bit desensitized to seeing a naked woman. One bouncer told me that he now finds woman fully clothed more appealing. Like when a woman wears a sexy dress and heels.

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Congrats. Happy to see stories like these. Hope you get past that finish line soon.

I guess this question depends on where you're located, but did you run into any issues or appointment delays due to covid?

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That's unfortunate but good to hear it worked out for you. Like it didn't make matters worse.

That's the biggest issue we're dealing with right now where I live. Life saving surgeries keep getting delayed.

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How effective are weighted blankets really?

My SO has all kinds of anxiety mostly at night and drinks a few beers to help him sleep. I've been wondering if a weighted blanket help at all.