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If the shutdown lasts for 2 weeks and the debt ceiling gets tied into negotiations what percentage of the Republican House caucus understands how catastrophic a default would be?

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You a address Lieutenant Colonel as Colonel.

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Why should all births not happen in the hospital? A friend of mines wife lost a critical amount of blood during a low-risk birth in the hospital. She was lucky to be alive and almost certainly would have died without immediate emergency surgery.

Not arguing against mid-wives or doulas here. Just wondering why people don't want to have births in a hospital?

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Yeah, I'm obviously not an expert but far too many people who aren't experts say things like home births are just as safe, which isn't true.

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Sure people should have agency as long as there is an understanding and informed consent that you are taking a higher risk having the birth at home. Not a lot higher but still higher.

I see a lot of stuff presented without evidence that home births are just as safe which isn't true.