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I'll jump in here. A doula is a non-medical provider who can assist with advocating for mother's wishes and interests during any kind of birth experience (home birth, birth center, hospital, etc.) They can also provide support during labor in terms of non-medication pain management techniques and mental/emotional support. Some also provide post-partum care for mom and/or baby!

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$95 or 1% of income, whichever is higher!

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I tried to create an account on the first day and I received a confirmation email, but the system won't let me log in. It's giving me this error in the URL


I have tried resetting my password with no luck. I can't create a new account because it says my email address is already attached to one, and I'm not creating a second email account just for this. What can I do to figure this out?

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Not necessarily true. Unless it's a catastrophic plan it would probably cover doctor visits and prescriptions on a copay basis before the deductible is met. So if you get a sinus infection it might cost $50 to visit the doctor and get antibiotics. If you get run over by a car, yeah you would be paying that $10k deductible. Fortunately that doesn't happen often.

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Go to your dentist and get it x-rayed. My wisdom teeth don't cause me any pain at all but they are impacted and my dentist recommends getting them removed, which would be covered.