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You’re making my Parks and Rec scavenger hunt dreams come to life! I absolutely love scavenger hunts, and was wondering, how do you determine how difficult/challenging the puzzles are? Is it via the interview process or do you have people you run it by to test it out beforehand?

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Hi Beanie! I’m a huge fan, and my two little kids are particularly fond of your animated comics on Instagram as well~ As someone who enjoys drawing webcomics, I’ve found my art style and character designs to change ever so slightly over the years. I want to eventually create a book compilation and wondered, did you find yourself redrawing old comics to have the overall aesthetic consistent throughout your book? Or did you keep the old comics as is, even if the art style or format was different back then compared to now?

Love your work so much!!!

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Omg thank you so much!!!

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If you could do a bad-ass remake of any classic movie, what would it be?

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What is your favorite new weather tech (either in or out of the studio) that you have had the chance to use? (Also, love watching you guys here in the DMV! Thanks for the AMA!)