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I'm a former NCAA D1 athlete, how can I utilize that on my resume?

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Mr. Eisinger,

I have a list of questions:

As a journalism student in college, what should i be doing to get a job as a reporter when I graduate?

Did you naturally gravitate towards covering wall street or was it an assignment?

What's it like to win a Pulitzer?

Do you think the seahawks can repeat for the title? and if not who do you think will win?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

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I was a college swimmer and was ultimately injured and transferred schools. I now work for my college newspaper and am hoping to pursue a career as a reporter. Thanks for the help! I would say people skills and schedule flexibility were definitely the most usefull things I developed, and then competition on top of that as well. Thanks!

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If I'm ever In NYC i'll give you a ring! thank you!

as far as the NFL, I'm a Broncos fan. How you see their season shaping up?