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I was also sexually abused as a child starting at age 4 or 5 and have fought my whole life to come to terms with it. When people say, "but you survived!" I fight to keep from beating them within an inch of their life so i can stand back and say, "see you survived too! Sometimes just surviving isn't enough." It still hurts that many members of my family refuse to accept what happened to me even though some of my abusers admitted what they did.

Do you think the public will ever understand the long term damage their choosing to ignore or turn a blind eye to childhood sexual abuse (ANY sexual abuse actually) causes?

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Have you been able to converse with the deaf to help hone your skills? (I was an interpreter years ago and I always found it took me a little time to become accustomed to a person's signing - almost like accents or dialects for the hearing - especially after learning on one coast then moving to the other.)