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Some people want to say their last goodbyes to the person and feel like that's the best way to do it. Other people need the closure that comes with seeing the body peaceful-looking in death. Especially if the death was violent it can be helpful to remember the person as they looked like when they lived (or as close to it as you can get in death, anyways), and not like however they died.

I know for me personally I wish I could have gone to my grandfather's funeral and seen his body so I could have had the closure of knowing he was gone and processing that. I couldn't attend, and while I logically know he's dead I still sometimes forget that because I never saw him dead and went through all the rites associated with that.

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How did the people in charge decide who would play terrorist, first responder, victim, etc in each scenario? Which one was your favorite to play?

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Wasn't expecting to come into this AMA and see my home state represented! Do you see many/any sex workers from the southern part of Rhode Island, especially South County? I grew up there and had never seen any sort of sex trafficking or drug use, but I know that drug use is on the rise.

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It amuses me to no end that people won't make the 45 minute drive up to Providence for any reason at all, apparently. Still, I appreciate all the work you guys do and I'm so glad you did this AMA today! Thank you!

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They are both so cute!!