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In the Robot Chicken short about Palpatine and Vader Who wrote these lines. "What's an Aluminum Falcon?" and "Go for Papa Palpatine."

Please thank everyone connected with that short for the laughs.

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Thanks for coming on. I'm very interested in your faith conversion and how it changed your world view and actions.

One of the disconnects shown in movies are Mafia people committing terrible crimes during the week and then going to Catholic church on Sunday, as if the tenants of Jesus as recounted in the synoptic gospels of the New Testament don't count the rest of the week.

Did your faith conversion bring with it a stronger sense of how you treat others?

I'm especially interested in how, since you are Christian now, you have been following Jesus' message of love and forgiveness.

*As a Mafia leader who had great wealth, has your understanding and attitude toward the poor changed with your conversion? *

Do you have anything to say to Christians who are still living a life where they actively lie, cheat, steal and violently hurt others in order to accumulate money?

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Will it ever be possible to create a high frequency trading tax?

I'm sure that Wall Street will hate it and will give a million reasons why it is a bad idea, it will never work, will hurt the small investor, will make baby Jesus cry, etc. They will also spend millions of dollars in lobbying fees to defeat it.

The HFTT revenue could be used to fund a lot of things-- like full staffing of the SEC, and better paid regulators for the financial industry so they don't leave to industry after a few years.

If this is a good idea, how could we make it happen?

P.S. Calling it a Tobin tax isn't helpful. I don't know who Tobin is and I don't really want to tax him. :-)

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I have nothing to add to this question or to the same experience that I've had. I now spend time in the SciFi section of Reddit making sure everyone has read your books.

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For Ms Bujold. First, I love your work. Since Miles has to deal with politics and cultural issues all the time I'm going to ask you a political and cultural question. Approval of same sex marriage has been sweeping the US. Do you approve?

If people disagree with your stance on same sex marriage should they not see a movie based on one of your books? Should they boycott reading and buying your Vorkosigan books even if they have nothing to do with the topic?

I ask because of the upcoming Ender's Game movie. I loved the book but I disagree strongly with Card's stated politics on this issue. I'm conflicted on what message I am sending if I go to the movie.

This is relevant because of your book Ethan of Athos, a book that was set on a world of men. Only men. I believe most of the men were gay. (I read it in 1989 so I don't remember all the details). Men had babies using a machine with a female uterus to have babies. Mostly male babies if i remember correctly.

The machine was failing and one of the men needed to go out to the world of men and women and get a new one. He had to deal with prejudices of other people and other worlds.

Did people attack this book and you because of your pro same sex relationship views? Have people told you they will not buy/ read your books because of your views on same sex relationships?

That book was written in 1986. Have your views changed? What do you think about Card and his views? Do you think they will change? Have you talked to him about this?