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Is it NS? Man, that province is having tough times.

New Glasgow just lost their call centre, too.

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Peter, what's it like having not read the books? Do you avoid spoilers?

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Hi! Question for you!

Person A lives in Canada, was born here and is a Canadian citizen

Person B was born and raised in the US. Person A and person B meet and decide they love each other, and to get married. Person B is to move to Canada, become a Canadian citizen, etc.

Can they get married and have Person B live with Person A in Canada, while the papers are processing? Provided Person B doesn't work, is Person B able to live in Canada with their spouse, or would they have to go back to the US and wait?

My girlfriend and I (Both Canadians, no worries) encountered this situation and said couple is very confused on what to do.

Thank you!