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Holy shit, there really are mattress subreddits!

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Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA!

1.) DS9 did some fabulous "one-off" episodes in the later seasons, my favorite of which was Far Beyond the Stars. What was your feeling (or the cast and crew's in general) about going in to film that day, with the makeup and setting being so different from the usual?

2.) Why's everyone so down on Klingon opera?!

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Yeah, people yelling shit at you from their cars are definitely NOT just ignorant. :\ I'm sorry you've experienced that.

How do you feel about "little person" as a descriptor? If someone were describing you to a friend who was going to meet up with you somewhere, would you prefer to just be called short?

And this has nothing to do with anything, but you have totally bitchin hair. That cut and color looks terrific on you.

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I loved the whole idea of Mr. Kim being eternally somewhere else! A while back, my best friend had a similar family setup (except he was a dude and had a younger sister): he was a first-generation American, his parents were married... and his dad was nowhere to be found. In all the years we'd hung out together—seriously, like over a decade—I'd never even seen a picture of the man, never mind met him in person. To this day, I'm not really convinced he exists!

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I am. If you're in Chicago and want a righteous vent, we're gettin' beers.