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goddamn, you people are paranoid. Where's your proof that the questions are fake? check out /u/vorin's post /u/idontgetthis's post

you're all just jumping on the witch hunt bandwagon because it's easy and makes you feel like you've figured out some big mystery.

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My issue isn't that I think people shouldn't be able to get insurance if they want it, my issue is that it will be required for everyone to have insurance, whether they can afford it or not

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The problem isn't requiring people to carry insurance, it's requiring people who can't actually afford insurance, to pay for insurance.

A lot of people will say "but if everyone is paying for insurance, then insurance rates will go down" however, that's probably not true, insurance rates are more likely to go up, because now insurance companies cannot turn people away, so in order to cover people who make chronic claims, and to cover the people with low enough income who don't actually have to pay anything, they will have to raise the prices