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Did you use this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPZLRtyvEqo) video as an inspiration and as an overall narrative driver, just making your version shorter and more concise?

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Russia has ten of them. 50 years of Victory is just the newest one.


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Why are you not reading and typing yourself. Is it a computer literacy issue or health-related? If you were at the government job in the field of nuclear energy until 2018, i’d assume that would not be possible in last 20-30 years without using computers for daily communication and collaboration...

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Is it this research prohibiting you from participating in future studies (contractually), or that most future studies just won't include subjects that have already been under previous study?

It if is the former then why won't you be able to just don't give a fuck on whatever they "prohibit" you? It is your body and your health after all.