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The thing is, they had more leverage because a lot of labourers were dead. The people Covid-19 is hitting the hardest are the elderly and those who are immunocompromised, not healthy young people. So unless there's a mutation, we won't be seeing the same outcome for labourers. (imo: we may instead see a spike in automation, leading to less available jobs)

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What do you think people who make a living on YouTube should do about false copyright claims? These claims are costing them a lot of money, while YouTube still profits off their videos without any repercussions. What do you think of the recent false claims on presidential candidates speeches and how the change in release time affects the videos effectiveness.?

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I’m about to transfer to a four year uni for graphic design... Right now I’m set for a major in Design and minor in CS.
What’s the best degree path if I want to get into game graphic design for ui/other 2d elements?