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The look-up name for that in grocery stores I go to is anise. Figured that out after a couple of confusing moments at the check out.

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Dr. G ;)

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Here in Alaska, male mosquitos are critical for pollination of our beloved and abundant wild tundra blueberries.

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Thanks for the AMA! Very interesting.

I hear a lot about how the US isn't training people for the trades any more , so it can be hard to find skilled workers. In your experience, is that true?

Second question, ever work with any ladies in your trade? I'm a female & work on job sites sometimes in an inspector role. Never seen a female doing anything other than flagging, even the stuff that doesn't require a lot of strength. Most of the time it's 100% dudes and me (really no bad experiences on my part, pretty much always treated with professionalism). Are women just not interested in the work, or do they get run off?