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Go tell two kids about how the other one thinks they are an idiot then give them sticks see what happens: now use entire communities and real weapons. It has been shown many times that Chagnon's methods were manipulative and he is now a case study in how NOT to do fieldwork.

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I am an athropology grad student and a supporter of SI. I have certainly read a weath of liturature regarding the Yanomami in my studies and am very excited for this AMA. I have always wondered about the Survival International organization (and others like it as well as anthropologists in the field) and it's true impact on the lives of those it seeks to assist. Do many of the communites (yours included of course) feel that they are doing adequete work? If not what do these communities feel the organization (or it's members as individuals) could improve upon in order to help educate other populations around the world. As an anthropologist educating the public is one of my priorites, but what else can we do other than simple 'internet activism'?

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White is a common collective term, not exclusive to those whose skin is white. You have to take the comments in context in that most of the 'evils' have been perpetuated by those who may happen to have white skin. It may be easier to just replace the term with capitalist in order to erase any racial moniker.

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My graduate work is aimed at supporting indiginous populations struggles against development and the current practice of economic colonization by corporate intrests. I hope to use much of your activism as a tool and hope very much that others will continue your work and vocalization against the destruction of ecological and human diversity in the world. And who knows, maybe since my advisor works in Amazonian Brazil our paths may cross one day. Thanks for the AMA and all the work you do.

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try this