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In an interview a while ago you said something to the effect of 'a lot of games are a mile wide but only an inch deep.' I can't actually remember the question exactly but I suppose you would've been talking about player autonomy, about how their quests will take them on grand adventures but give them few if any real choices that lead down fleshed-out paths.

What would be a game you've played that comes to mind as an example of real player agency, and how important is this aspect of game design to you?

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Thank you for your thoughts and I regret I couldn't ask a more distilled question. I still love the old Deus Ex and since dabbling in game design myself I've really liked reading your thoughts on these things (so when I saw this AMA I couldn't let it slip away without asking you something!).

I hope you get the opportunity to make One Block Roleplaying Game. For anyone else interested in that, this article talks about it and links this interview which was the one I was half-remembering.