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Dont be surprised at the death of journalism when the FBI violates the first amendment and raids a journalist’s house and takes his cellphones, contact lists, private information and notes from whistleblowers.. on behalf of the POTUS. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look up the story on google, Biden’s daughter’s journal, if you can find it..)

Now you have journalists not willing to do the same, and whistleblowers afraid they can’t even be protected under the first amendment rights of journalists.

Combine with big tech censoring everything not part of the narrative (Twitter and YouTube arbitrarily banning people for reasons never explained) and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

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Média universe being? What is what, what do you mean?

Podcast/indépendant vs fox/cnn/mainstream?

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Definitely not CNN, or MSNBC, or you. Or Fox for that matter. Forget Trump, forget the polarisation, forget all the bullshit of the last year. It all pales in the face of what just happened.

This is nuts, this is infringement on the first amendment. If they’re willing to do this, there is nothing they won’t do.

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What are you even saying? If you can’t trust people working in the FBI not to respect their fellow Americans’ rights, in the highest spheres of police authority, under a request from those who are elected to protect those very citizens they violate the rights of, who are you gojng to trust?

The government is the problem, the FBI is the problem, and private companies who serve those first two, gaining favor (and influence and profit) from them, are the problem.