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speakstupor34 karma

I am too nervous to go get fitted, so I've been trying to figure out my correct size on my own. I simply assumed I was a 32a because I am a very tiny girl with small boobs and 32a is the typical smallest size. I finally realized this is wrong.

I tried 32b because I was told I wasn't as small as I thought. 32b's were hit or miss but as usual, the band was way too big. I figured out that bands go smaller than 32! I ordered a 30a and a 30b online and I like them both but I wear them on the tightest hooks and the bands are still too loose.

So I ordered a 28c. The band felt like it fit really well and snug but the cups were... weird. They gave me like armpit fat kind of out the sides and if it is possible for tits to have muffin tops, that's what that bra gave me. I liked it for the cleavage though lol but shirtless, I looked pretty ridiculous. Then after a few minutes I felt very restricted and uncomfortable and tight and ripped the thing off of me.

Sorry that was so long but, I was wondering what the next logical step it? 28d (does that exist?) or just go back to 30b and deal with it? I'm asking for advice because the bras simply do not exist in stores for me to go try them on and online they are like fifty bucks and figuring this out on my own is expensive.