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Mammals were mostly underground during the age of dinosaurs. So they were safer from the impact. Many dinosaurs survived the event, but their food chains were evicerated, and they couldnt adapt. Estimates are in the hundreds of years to finish the epic animals. Water included.

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It's almost like this guy is full of crap and just trying to promote his book about the same crap, but with actual details. If any of this was real, the Deep state and aliens would have killed him off before he even tried.

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The problem is that fossils are in blocks of thousands and millions of years, so it's technically impossible to really know. But it is known that the level of damage varied on location of the planet. And since anything survived, odds are, do did the dinosaurs that weren't in the blast zone. Apperently the shock wave made the ground literally ripple like water, and would have sent animals up to 50 ft in the air. Alot of splattering all around those that survived.

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Near the impact, the ground looked like liquid, rolling in waves, throwing some animals 50ft into the air. Many Dinosaurs survived, but their food chains were collapsing. At most a couple hundred years for them to go extinct. Bird dinosaurs survived because their evolution was in overdrive. They filled every single niche and so as long as even one food chain survived, so did they. Mammals stayed underground as most were nocturnal burrowers, in order to avoid dinosaurs.

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Naw. Humans are cockroaches. We'd survive it. Our food chain is anything and everything edible.