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I'm going to be bringing a girl with me to your show at Symphony Hall in Boston and it's sort of our first date. We've hung out a few times, but it's the first real date we're having. Do you have any advice?

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it do

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He needs to set the precedent early that it's impossible to steal from him. All my time in the jewelry and watch industry has included one constant: You count EVERY PIECE in the store when you open AND when you close. This means that you'll identify a stolen piece within hours of when it goes missing, and require bag checks when people leave.

It's not that you plan on catching them, it's that they know when they're hired that it's impossible to steal without getting caught.

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Noted. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Reddit's software assumes you're just another person reading the AMA. It doesn't know that you're actually one of the special people, since your username wasn't the one that originally submitted the thread. It thinks you're just leaving comments all over the place without asking any questions. It doesn't know you're the one that's supposed to answer the questions.