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I volunteered with the chaplain as a mentor to the inmates. During my orientation led by a correctional officer, I was quite taken aback at how pessimistic her view of the inmates were. She had come in as a cheerful, optimistic mentor two decades prior, but since, has the view that the inmates are always scheming, always out to get something from the kind-hearted people who want to help, and she discouraged us from any relationships with them, even after they've completely served their time (she recommends crossing the street if seeing them walk towards us). I'm not sure where I stand between punitive and rehabilitative justice, nor am I one of those people that constantly sees the good in everyone, but her attitude seemed way too down. Is your experience the same as hers? Ultimately, I want to help these guys however I can, but that's hard if I follow what she says about purposely keeping my distance. I do understand that to some degree, barriers and hierarchy are necessary so that isn't lost to me.

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Wouldn't this lead to somewhat of a popularity/pandering contest?

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Would you say we're venturing into a zone of danger? How would you phrase that?