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did you take your two dose COVID vaccine yet ?

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is it as fatty as regular cheese ?

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do you feel it would be better to make facebook liable for the posts on its website ?

i.e. would the threat of someone suing facebook for failing to remove fake posts make it more responsive since it seems to work on PR issues more than actual ones.

also its sad that you lost your position since you were doing the ethical and moral (if not corporate) thing but i do hope you will be able to convert your current PR capital into a position at google on the AI ethics board or somewhere else more suitable.

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how do you get paid ? how do you get new jobs ? are you a consultant of some sort ? mercenary for hire ?

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absolutely. the ability to allow the public posting of or deleting of content to an audience of over a billion people should make you liable for the action of posting or deleting it. with great (editing) power comes great (legal) responsibility. but this is an Ama and my position on it is irrelevant as is the current legal framework since i'm asking sophies' opinion.