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The everyday pain is pretty bearable. You know that feeling when you get a cold and you feel like you have to cough right before you do? It feels like that all the time. But I'm used to it now. Yes, I am still fighting and it is an everyday fight.

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Honestly, time with family and friends. They really understand my illness and it's just comforting to be around them. Material things don't really hold that much meaning when any day could be your last.

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Yes! Absolutely. My family is extremely helpful and my friends are very understanding. They know when I just can't walk up the stairs to get to that store in the mall or when I just need to take a quick break. It is very comforting.

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Lol. Yes. I read John's book when it came out and was one of the first 100 preorders. Honestly, Hazel's condition is very similar to mine, but I would never in a million years be able to go to Amsterdam. There is just too much a risk at this point in my life.

And no, my boyfriend does not have osteosarcoma.

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I got a couple of phone cases and a new blanket. Nothing too extravagant. Medical bills tend to pile up, so Christmas is always more about spending time than spending money.

Happy holidays.