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" I'd rather be moving up from the bottom than falling down from above."

I'm going to quote this on my facebook feed... words to live by mate. Good luck... I also love to cook but have a good paying position I am too scared to quit. I dream of a day when my balls are as brassy as yours...

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I and many kids I was growing up with started "kissing/touching/etc." in the range of 5yrs to 7yrs. We all were interested and consensual (-ish, there was some goading and encouraging from our peers) and of the same age.

Our parents freaked out about it whenever we were caught and taught us that it should be shameful, leaving us with shit to get over in our 20s.

They took away our "Where Did I Come From" book.

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Thank you.

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Great job. I've been to NYC and your comics resonated with my experience.

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I loved Time Traveler's Wife. It was a terrific pleasure to read. Thank you so very much for this wonderful creation.