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What if they’re the same person?

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How would this protect people like content moderators if they have to click to know if it’s going to be illegal/offensive or not? They have to see it anyway, no?

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Not OP obviously but If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, GarageBand is free and is incredibly powerful for what it is

If you’re not on Apple, Reaper is a professional standard DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that is free indefinitely. They do ask that you pay $60 once you can afford it but if you just want to get started, this is a pretty good one. From there, google ‘free piano plugins’ or replace piano with any particular sound you want, and you’ll be able to control that sound from inside the DAW (there will be YouTube tutorials for any particular aspect of this you might find troubling)

It’s very doable for free though these days, just takes a bit more work